Her hidden strength

belief in self

She was a believer,

She believed in someone or something greater than herself,

She hoped that she wasn’t being naive,

She hoped and prayed but never expected anything to change.

She was a dreamer,

She dreamed of great things and of becoming great one day,

She dreamed of things whilst awake but she was a believer,

A believer in the fact that those dreams were impossible.

She was a wanderer,

Never happy in one place,

She wanted to see the world, taste new things and see new people.

She wasn’t running away from anything but running towards something,

That something was the person that she dreamed that she would be.

She was a warrior,

She had been through more things than you would care to imagine,

She had fought more battles than your mind could ever fathom,

Many were with herself, she was not content with the way she looked,

She was searching for herself, unaware of what she was looking for,

She had friends, a family and God in her life but she dreamed and wished for more.

She had one too many unanswered prayers and was waiting for a miracle,

She was tired of waiting but she was scared of trying,

She was more scared of trying than of failing,

She planned and planned and then planned some more,

She realised that God had already provided her with everything that she needed,

All she had to do was start.


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