Hope in You.



They say work hard and play harder,
I try and play smart and work faster,
But when I need a miracle just believe that I will pray hard and fast harder,
Cutting off all my addictions,
Hoping that you’ll notice and reward me when you see me.
The only time that I don’t fluctuate is when I procrastinate,
To be perfectly honest…I’m not that busy,
But when it comes to talking to you,
I think of one hundred and one things to do,
But your grace is sufficient right?
So I’m just hoping…
Hoping that you won’t notice that I only reach a peak in my relationship with you when life gets pretty deep,
Right now I have hope in you Lord,
I don’t have a reason not to,
So far you’ve pulled through Lord,
So I guess I’d be a fool not to.

But what if…
What if my life as I knew it ceased to exist,
Replaced with what could only be considered as hell on earth,
What if my family and friends disowned me
What if my whole life fell apart
What if
What if
What if.

Let’s not get caught up in the what if’s,
And begin to examine what is,
Because what is is pretty great,
Well not great but not bad,
At least that’s what I say when people ask me how I am,
What is is a comeback story,
A story about a girl who was so lost that she didn’t remember what it was like to be found,
So lost that she felt at home because it is was better off than accepting the fact that she felt so alone,
What is is my life.

I’m not scared of what lies ahead anymore because I know You,
I know that you’re true,
I believe in You and have hope in You.
Pain and misfortune might fly my way,
But it won’t destroy me,
Because You know me,
You’ve shown me,
It’s  not that You owe me or that I owe you,
Your word is simply true.

But now I know that no weapon can break me because you’re the shield around me,
I have hope in You,
Completely, blindly, stupidly in You,
I hope that your promises are true Lord,
Lord, I hope that your promises are true,
I used to hope that you would come through Lord,
But I know that You will come through,
So much doubt and hesitation
But still I blindly say…

I have hope in You.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirley says:

    100% dope!!!!! Love this.

  2. franklycasey says:

    This is amazing! Love it

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