“I won’t sin by osmosis”

“They say the places we venture a Christian shouldn’t dare
Homie, that ain’t holiness, it’s fear, you scared
Homie, I swear, I won’t sin by osmosis
Nope, I got a blood bought prognosis
From the age when shoulder blades held ghetto blaster
No such thing as Christian rap, but rappers who believe
Stand your ground, pound the mic consistent with the truth you speak
You could watch the gospel stand on its own two feet”

Hands Up – Lecrae ft. Propaganda

The first verse to this song is enough to make you repeat the song millions of times (well maybe not millions, but at least five times) before even getting to the chorus. I love this song because it really gets me thinking. The whole idea that there are certain places that a Christian shouldn’t be really doesn’t make sense. Jon Stewart said “if you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values, they’re hobbies.” Now that’s the truth. I believe that your true faith is shown when you aren’t surrounded by the four walls of the church. When you step outside of your youth group and the woman gives you the side eye. When you’re driving and a crazy driver cuts in front of you without indicating, when your child is driving you crazy, when you are faced with a problem that you can’t get out of on your own, when you are alone and think that nobody is watching, are you still the same person that you are in church?

You see, they are right! You can’t sin by osmosis, you were either going to sin or you weren’t. Your surroundings can’t control you, who you are and who you choose to be does. You have to know for yourself what it is that you stand for or believe in otherwise you will be just like those molecules moving in to the area with a higher concentration level. Take Judas for instance, although it shocks us that he betrayed Jesus for money, when you read about Judas, it becomes clear that it was in his character to do so (see John 12:6). Where you are doesn’t define you, you define where you are. If you were called to be the light of the world, you shouldn’t be able to help but make that dark room lighter. But then again, you could believe that you are just a candle and allow others to blow out your flame.

It’s not about there being places fit for Christians. It is about Christians being fit for places. Sometimes you can spend so much time at ‘Christian events,’ doing ‘Christian things,’ that you don’t truly know how to live and when you are faced with a situation outside of your Christian bubble. Then all of a sudden, you crumble. You crumble because you do not realise what you are made of. You crumble because you have never had to make a choice. If you want to see who you are as a Christian, you need to step outside of the church. Does God still feel as real to you when you step outside of corporate worship and in to the world? May your values and beliefs never turn into hobbies.


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