A letter from the Glass House


A while ago I remember seeing a quote, that really got me thinking. I tried to find it but I wasn’t able to so I’ll just paraphrase. It went along the lines of “people throw stones from glass houses, the media makes a profession out of it, after a while we become a nation of shattered glass.”

The past few weeks have been what I would like to call ‘the week of the Franklin’s’. All across social media, Christian’s have been either attacking or defending Devon and Kirk Franklin. There were two seperate incidents that occurred. I don’t plan on going in to too much detail about either one of them, but I will just summarise the stories for those of you who haven’t heard.

Devon Franklin and his wife Meagan Good were hosting a talk last weekend. During the talk a woman got up and told her that ‘the Lord’ told her to come and tell Good that she needs to start dressing up. In which, Franklin responded and told the woman that his wife can wear whatever she wants to wear *clicks fingers.* The second incident took place on the same day I think, although it was weeks in the making. A lot of fans had been getting on to Kirk Franklin because of a picture that was released of him, Kanye West and some other artists. After West’s album was released and these people found out that Franklin was featured on it, they were ‘outraged.’ I use inverted commas because on social media, it is hard to know if people truly are outraged. Everybody loves to be offended. Or to appear as if they are. *inserts laughing emoji whilst sitting with a straight face looking at my laptop screen.*

For me, this isn’t about what is right or wrong. It’s not about clothes or friends. It’s about judgement. Yeah, the Bible tells you to rebuke. But we are also told that with that same measure of judgement, we will also be judged by God (see, Matthew 7:2). The problem is that we are often too quick to judge. Both Good, and Kirk Franklin were judged based off of pictures that people saw. With little context and back stories, after one glimpse, they were condemned. In the same way, we judge people without asking them for their explanations. It’s not even that you need them to convince you that what they are doing is right. We are all entitled to our own opinions. But the problem is is that we judge without asking for an explanation and because of that, we won’t be able to understand people. Yeah judgement and rebuke are both biblical principles but the most important principle is love. We throw stones, but don’t stick around long enough to tidy up the shattered glass. We throw stones, but don’t care enough to help and rebuild what we have broken. We throw stones, forgetting that we are in a glass house. 


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