The Prayer

When there is nothing left to say,
Can you still hear me?
When it seems like I’ve lost my way,
Can you still see me?
Even though I’ve gone astray,
Will you still save me?
This right now I pray,
Because you complete me.

When I stumble and I fall,
Will you be there?
Will you be there to lift me up,
And wipe away my tears,
Will you hear my cry for help,
And silence all my fears?

In the darkest of nights,
Will you comfort me?
When I run away from you,
Will you remember me?
How far away can I go,
How long can I hide and leave you on the side,
What will it take for you to stop searching for me?

My child,
I’ll never leave you or forsake you,
I will always be there,
Even though you run away,
I am always near,
I’ll never stop searching,
I’ll never stop listening,
I’ll always keep loving,
Because you are so dear.

You’re worth everything to me,
I showed you on the Cross,
Just know that I’m by your side,
Whenever you feel lost,
I’m your Father and your Friend,
On me you can depend,
My Child just know that nothing can seperate you from my love.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirley says:

    Thank you! Love this keep the poems coming. I pray God will continue to anoint you. X

  2. Thank you so much for the his comforting poem

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