Follow You

ii psalms

Last Friday, I probably heard the greatest song of all time! One of my favourite musicians is Christon Gray. I’ve been waiting for his new album to be released for what feels like forever. Then last Thursday I got a notification on Spotify saying that Gray released a new album. YESSSSSSS! Then I clicked on the link only to find out that he released an album full of track commentaries. HUH?! Who releases those? Who even listens to those? The next day I was on my way home, at Holborn station to be precise, when I got a notification that The Glory Album is now out. YESSSSSSSSSSS! So I quickly downloaded it whilst standing on the platform, hoping that my train would not arrive, just so that I could remain connected to the WiFi. The love is that real!

A couple stops down the line, a few tracks in and then I heard it. It was beautiful. It was different than his usual songs but it worked. If anything this album is vulnerability compacted in to 46 minutes. I repeated the song so many times that by the time I got home I knew most of the words. I’ve been trying to find a link to the song on YouTube so that you can listen, but there isn’t one available yet. If you click on the album artwork below I have linked it to his Spotify account or you can listen to it on Apple Music or Google Play Music or whatever you have a subscription to, or you could even buy it.

But anyway, back to the song. G(s)OAT! It was titled “Follow You.” In it Gray sings:

“I’ll follow you, through the darkness, will you take away my fear? I’ll follow you, when the sun shines and the shadows drawing near, down the long and winding road, you always lead me home. If the water looks too deep and the desert looks too dry, He said “tell me why you’re walking when I taught you how to fly?” with every step I take, I feel the weight go away.”

It is hard to convey just how beautiful this song is through words, so I would really recommend that you listen to it. You might be wondering why I mentioned the track commentary. Well….I’m the type of person who listens to track commentaries. Well at least I am now lool. I decided to listen it to today because I really wanted to know what inspired the song because it is quite different than his usual style of music. And this is what he said:

“I wanted to tell a story of a person who walked away from God but the Father never let them go. I didn’t know if you could relate but as soon as things get tough, or even when things start going great, you always see the devil pop up on some Garden of Eden stuff ” you know you don’t need God right?” This is for those weak moments when the devil’s lies start to make sense.”

Listening to this commentary finally made me realise why this song means so much to me. It is for me. Not only for me, but it is for me right now. I wouldn’t even say that I have walked away from God but I have begun to question Him more now. I’ve started to think that I can do things on my own. I’ve started to think that I am my own strength. The devil’s lies have really started to make sense. But what I love most about this commentary is that it reminds me of how I have felt throughout all of this. I knew that God never left my side. As my prayers became shorter and His Word became quieter and even as my church attendance became nearly non-existent, I knew that He was always there waiting. If anything, God became more real to me when I was not actively seeking Him. His love became more real to me when I realised that His Word was really true, He will never leave me or forsake me. His presence is real. Omnipresence became more than just a word that I learnt during Religious Studies, it was something that I experienced. It is so so so easy to think that you don’t need God because He is always there. When someone is always there for you, it is so easy to take them for granted. But I just thank God that He will never leave me!




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  1. Shirley says:

    “When the devil’s lies start to make sense.” That’s pretty deep!

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