The missing centimeters.

“I would just like to ask you one question…

I don’t want you to take this the wrong way,

But, what were you wearing?”

Stunned, dumbfounded, surprised but not surprised,

The cheek.

What hurt her the most was that he was blissfully unaware,

Unaware of what he had said,

He was conscious of his utterance,

But unaware of the ramifications.

Unaware that he was the problem.

A policeman,

A man,

A human,


He was supposed to protect and serve,

But he was a product of his environment,

So he followed the protocol and asked the victim how complicit she was in her attack,

Starting to play the blame game,

The shame game,

In order for him to figure out his next move,

He needed to find out what she was wearing.

In a society where a veil represents oppression,

In a society where too much flesh makes you a whore,

She couldn’t win,

She couldn’t help but question if whether her skirt had been 3 centimeters longer, if he would have stopped,

She couldn’t help but wonder if those 3 centimeters were the symbol of a right to consent,

She couldn’t help but wonder,

And with that one question, the victim became the perpetrator.

Girls are taught the importance of ‘modesty,’

But they forget to teach boys about respect,

Girls are taught that they need to prevent their ‘brothers,’ from stumbling,

But they forget to teach boys the importance of self-control.

Modesty is more than just clothes, so it doesn’t matter what she was wearing. Teaching young girls to cover up out of fear that she will be raped, turns them in to prey. The idea that boys will be boys does nothing but encourage this behaviour.


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