The Girl Behind the Wall.


Show a bit of teeth
Make them feel like you’re ready to let them in,
The gap between your teeth is a gateway to your soul,
The imperfections in your perfect smile are only noticed when you get up close,
Up close and personal,
A place that no-ones ever been,
Some have tried but all have failed.

You’ve built a wall so high in an attempt to rectify the damage that many have done,
They damaged your fence and you built a wall,
Unequal but needed,
Well, to you it is anyway,
To you it is the only thing that keeps you safe,
You’ve tried trusting,
You’ve tried loving,
You’ve tried to make men out of boys,
You’ve tried and tried but always failed.

Familiar with failure,
Your thoughts are your own,
You’d never think of sharing,
Because your thoughts are your own,
A possession that you fear others may turn in to a weapon,
Not all your thoughts are secrets but you have made them so,
You don’t ever notice that the walls that you have built around yourself have stopped others from getting in.


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